Tourney Time

Hi all!  It’s been a few days since I last posted, mainly because I’ve been busy working — that blasted thing that feeds this habit.  Anyway, I’ve gone and made what may end up being a terrible decision: I’m going to play in a tournament as one of my first games, if not the first.  21st Century Comics, which I’ve mentioned before, is going to host an unofficial “Foodmachine” tournament on October 8th, and I want to play.  This might end up being a bad idea, playing in such a competitive environment so early in my career.   It’ll definitely have a steep learning curve, but it ought to be fun nonetheless.

The format for the event is two lists, one 34-36 points and the other 24-26 points, combined into one 60-point army with two casters.  The two lists can be different factions, and both will count as friendly faction models for each other’s effects, but the normal focus/fury rules apply.  There are certain “cheats” you can buy by donating canned food, but that’s not terribly important.

So that brings us to my lists.  I’ve tried to build my lists along two main guidelines, namely competitiveness and availability.  Competitiveness is obvious, while availability means I’m trying to keep my lists as much within my current collection of models as possible.  So without further ado, here are my lists:

36 Points of the Protector of Flame:

  • +6  eFeora
  • -6  ^Redeemer
  • -6  ^Revenger
  • -6  ^Crusader
  • -11 Avatar
  • -3  Choir of Menoth (max)
  • -5  Daughters of the Flame
  • -5 Flameguard Cleansers (min)

And 24 Points of the Grand Exemplar:

  • +6 eKreoss
  • -4 ^Repenter
  • -9 ^Fire of Salvation*
  • -5 Exemplar Errants (min)*
  • -5 Knights Exemplar
  • -5 Knights Exemplar*
  • -2 Exemplar Errant Seneschal*

The models marked with an asterisk (*) are still on my to-buy list.  That gives me three units and a heavy ‘jack to buy and assemble in two weeks.  Perfectly doable.

As for painting updates, I’m about two hours from being able to show off the entirely base-coated battle box.  So probably tomorrow.  Until then!