A Word about Nerfing

I’ve been playing World of Warcraft for over a year now (Taking a break at the moment, might get back into it for a while), and I’ve had some things come up that I really loved, while others I absolutely loathe.  One of the foremost among the latter is nerfing.  Not even the actual nerfs themselves, rather the inevitable roar from the peanut gallery b****ing and moaning about the perceived slight against their class.  You can imagine my dismay when, trawling through the Privateer Press forums to find new ideas for Warmachine, I came across not one or a few but a veritable wave of these complaint threads.

Let me be succinct and clear about this: I don’t care about whatever the manufacturer did to the part of their product you decided to use.

In WoW, a lot of the “nerfs” happen to paladins, hunters, etc.  The “go-to” classes.  I understand that, I really do.  It gets boring when your dungeon party is hunter-hunter-hunter-paladin-shaman nine times out of ten.  The game stops being fun.  The same thing happens in Warmachine.  It gets boring when every player takes Cryx or Retribution because it’s so good.  That’s why nerfs happen.  They’re a part of game balance.

On the other end of the spectrum, and just as bad, are the slew of threads complaining about a faction being “overpowered.”  Everything has a weakness.  In the words of the US Army, “If you can see it you can hit it, if you can hit it you can kill it.”  The question is just how to do that.  Some players are legitimately better than others; some are really good with one faction or even one list but are utterly useless with anything else.  I don’t know where I fall in this, so I won’t make a comment there.  Either way, there is always something out there with the answer to your list.  Got a Cryx player who loves to munch on infantry’s souls?  Throw some Exemplar Errants at him and deny him those soul tokens.  Got a Cygnar player who loves sniping your army to death?  Buff them up with a Choir of Menoth, and force him to come into melee to fight you.  Got a Choir of Menoth that’s not letting you snipe away at the Protectorate forces?  Easy.  Toss an AOE at them.  They pop real easy.  The point is that there is an answer to everything.  That’s what game balance is about.

In conclusion, I don’t care if you think something is “overpowered” or “got nerfed.”  By complaining about it, you’re taking what should be fun — this is, after all, a game — and turning into a legal battle.  That’s never fun, and it has no place in my view.