First Battle Reports: Menoth v. Cygnar & Menoth v. Cryx

You’ll remember from my last post that I took part in the unofficial Foodmachine tournament held at 21st Century in East Lansing, MI this weekend.  Since I had never played a game of Warmachine before, I wanted to take a few hours to get in a couple of games before I did that, so I drove over for a session of open wargaming to learn the basic mechanics.  Now on to the good stuff!

The first game I played was against Cygnar, a 15-point assassination-only duel.  Here is his list:

  • pStryker
  • >> Ironclad
  • >> Firefly
  • >> Defender

And mine:

  • eFeora
  • >> Crusader
  • >> Redeemer (bonded)
  • >> Revenger
  • Flameguard Cleansers (min)

Going first, he put Snipe on the Firefly and missed a long-range shot while the Ironclad ran up. I moved my Cleansers up on the left side, with everything else moving up the middle with Feora slightly behind.

Turn 2: The Ironclad charged my Crusader, damaging but not boxing it, and the Firefly took another shot and missed again. My Redeemer lobbed its shots in, setting the Ironclad on fire but not damaging it. The Cleansers Incinerated the Firefly with the same result, maybe a point of damage. Crusader takes a couple of swings at the Ironclad, and the Revenger does what it can to block LOS to Feora.

Turn 3: Fire does a few points of damage to both the Ironclad and the Firefly, who each attack as they have been. Stryker moves up to about 6″ from the Ironclad/Crusader melee with the Defender behind him (Anyone know why he didn’t play more aggressively with the Defender?), pops feat, and casts Snipe on himself to take a shot at the Revenger, doing a few points of damage. I take what attacks I can, including another Incinerate, but nothing gets past the buffed ARM on the Ironclad and Firefly. The Redeemer, on the other hand… Second shot of the turn, direct hit on Stryker, sets him on fire and does a couple of damage.

Turn 4: Stryker burns some more, none of the other fires go out, and each of his attacks either misses, or in the case of the Firefly’s shots, only takes out two Cleansers. My turn, Feora runs up, pops feat, and sprays through the Firefly to take a lot of the fight out of Stryker. Redeemer finishes him off with a shot from 4″ away, game over by assassination.

So I won my first game! I learned quite a few things, first among which is the importance of good feat timing. I had trouble remembering to allocate focus, but that ended up not hurting me too much as I only really needed to fuel the Redeemer and give it those two extra shots. I learned how to best control the Redeemer’s AOE shots (or any others) by managing deviation, end finally, I was reminded just how much fun it is to set someone on fire (Kids, do not try this at home)!

The second game of the night was a 35-point skirmish against Cryx.  I wanted to run both of my ‘casters for the next day at least once, so I used eKreoss against his Skarre.  His list:

  • Skarre
  • >> Seether
  • >> 2x Stalker
  • Mechanithralls (max)
  • Bane Thralls + UA
  • Bane Lord Tartarus
  • Necrotech + Scrap Thrall
  • Machine Wraith
  • Pistol Wraith
  • Skarlock
  • Warwitch Siren

And mine:

  • eKreoss
  • >> Fire of Salvation
  • >> Repenter
  • >> Revenger
  • 2x Knights Exemplar
  • Exemplar Errants (min)
  • Daughters of the Flame
  • Choir of Menoth (max)

I don’t remember enough of this game to give a detailed battle report. It ended up being something of a mosh pit, with our ‘jacks concentrating in the middle and infantry fanning out to either side. I forgot the Advance Deployment on both the Errants and the Daughters, which ended up costing me in terms of charges on turn 2. I think I had the feat timed right, but I wasn’t able to make very effective use of it since the Daughters were all off the table and the two Exemplars units were already at half strength (Granted, the few that were still alive made mincemeat of their targets, but there just weren’t that many targets that they hit). I managed to knock out all of his ‘jacks with two of mine still alive (And by alive I mean my Repenter had one box of cortex left), and then to take Skarre down about half, but she ended up charging Kreoss and boosting several extra attacks to take him out with an assassination.  She was the last model to activate, so if she had failed any of her attacks I probably would’ve gotten her with a few boosted Justifier attacks.

I feel like I did okay with the larger game, but I’d love to try this one again and make sure I learned my lessons: Block charge lanes, remember unit attributes, deploy the right unit for the right job, and always, always, always remember to allocate focus!  Next post, I get into the actual tournament battle reports from yesterday.