Foodmachine! Battle Reports

As promised!  I played three games through the course of yesterday’s Foodmachine tournament at 21st Century in East Lansing, MI.  The format was a little different from standard, so I’ll explain: Each player brought a 34-36 point list and a 24-26 point list, which were then combined for play into one list of not more than 60 points.  The two could be different factions, but for purposes of play everything counted as a friendly faction model.  You could also buy “cheats” by donating cans of food, most importantly re-rolls by yourself or your opponent.  I modified my list slightly from what I posted earlier, so I’ll repost that (Thanks to Alex who loaned me the Exemplar Seneschal and the Bastions!):

  • eFeora
  • >> Crusader
  • >> Redeemer (bonded)
  • >> Repenter
  • Avatar of Menoth
  • Choir of Menoth (min)
  • Daughters of the Flame
  • Flameguard Cleansers (min)
  • eKreoss
  • >> Fire of Salvation
  • Exemplar Bastions (min)
  • Exemplar Errants (min)
  • 2x Knights Exemplar
  • Exemplar Errant Seneschal
  • Knight Exemplar Seneschal

The Kreoss list counted as a Tier 3 list, so the Knights Exemplar got Advance Movement and the Knight Exemplar Seneschal came for free.  My first game ended up being against the same guy I played the night before, and like me he brought a double list from the same faction.  He had pHaley and Siege each with a Squire a ton of ranged attacks besides: Two full gunmage units with UA, Black 13th, three Gunmage Captain Adepts, eEiryss, all on top of five ‘jacks.  Long story short, I reenacted the Charge of the Light Brigade, with the same result.  To make matters worse, I kept forgetting to allocate focus, so my ‘jacks were stuck trundling along at 4-5″ per turn.  My one moment of great success was rolling 6-6-5 on a boosted shot from my Errant Seneschal to blow Eiryss away, followed immediately by a swarm of sixes from my Errants to take out a Journeyman Warcaster running a Charger.  Loss #1, which I pretty much brought on myself but would probably not have won in any case.

My second game was against a mixed Khador/Cygnar list.  He had Harkevich running Black Ivan, Destroyer, and Behemoth along with the Winter Guard Infantry + UA and Kovnik Joe.  Balanced against that, he had pStryker running Ironclad and Lancer along with a Journeyman running Defender, the Black 13th, and Wyshnalyrr.  This one an pretty much the same, but I did a slightly better job of remembering to allocate focus.  Terrain on this table was pretty hilly, and could have been interesting, but ended up not being much of a factor.  I also forgot to activate the Choir first, which ended up meaning that most of my ‘jacks took massive shots at long range over several turns of walking up.  I managed to pop Kreoss’ feat at what would otherwise have been the right time, but Stryker popped his right before that, so it ended up being a lot of auto-hitting attacks doing no damage against the buffed armor on all his models.  I ended up losing to a double assassination, which I might have prevented if I had had a Covenant to bring along to block LOS to Kreoss and buff the rest of the army.  Loss #2, but an improvement on the first game in my opinion.

Game #3 was against a Minions/Mercs army, which I learned has so many nasty tricks it’s not even funny.  He brought Bloody Barnabus on the one side and Captain Bartolo Montador running Mule and Mariner.  This ended up being a long, drawn-out loss by points that was forced by the clock.  All of my Exemplars and Errants got wiped out before taking out more than a single Gatorman, and my Daughters had a similar fate going after his Totem Hunter.  That meant that when Kreoss popped feat I had forty fewer attacks to auto-hit, which could very easily have been the game.  I still had a problem allocating and spending focus, but I felt like this time it was a lot less of an issue.  I do need to remember to use Feora’s Escort for at least the first turn, more likely the second as well.  I still don’t have an answer for shooting lists, so when the Mule got a crit on my Avatar, it ended up being blown the full 6″ back and took enough damage to render it useless for the rest of the game.  Time was called right after I ended a pretty desperate turn where I left Feora hanging out in open space and Kreoss right behind her, so if the clock had not run out, I probably would have lost by double assassination soon thereafter.  So an improvement on my part, but against a far more challenging list than my previous opponents.

So that’s the tournament.  My biggest lesson each time was to remember the Maintenance Phase, and to allocate focus and upkeep spells.  Going forward I think I’m going to keep pretty much the same list, since I want to learn how to make these work rather than try them once and discard them.  Here’s what I’ve noticed so far:

  • Kreoss: His feat is fun, but it really requires that you have a lot of melee attacks available and within range.
  • Feora: Didn’t really learn much about her; I was probably being too cautious with her the first two games.
  • Avatar: Nice because he generates his own focus, but I never got him into melee range with another big ‘jack so he always ended up camping two after his activation.
  • Fire of Salvation, Crusader, and Repenter: Nice enough ‘jacks, and cheap enough that I don’t worry taking all of them together.  They need support buffs to be amazing, though.
  • Redeemer: This guy has a target on his back, and for good reason.  Definitely keeping him in my lists.
  • Choir: Good if I can remember them, but I need to space them out farther and have them be up at the front of the deployment zone.  I made the mistake of putting them about 4″ off the line and the ‘jacks in front of them, so once the ‘jacks ran off the Choir couldn’t get in range to give them any buffs.
  • Daughters, Knights Exemplar: I think I’m misusing these units, because they never seemed to be there when Kreoss popped his feat.
  • Exemplar Errants: Those crossbows are called Blessed because they’re a gift from Menoth.  They rolled through the WGI+UA like a hot knife through butter, and came back for more.  I never had to worry about them providing souls for Cryx, but I definitely know that’s going to be just another point in their favor.
  • Flameguard Cleansers: I honestly don’t think I ever used them for any other purpose than Incinerate CRAs.

So that’s my experiences at my first tournament.  I managed to pick up a Vassal of Menoth and a Reclaimer, and am going to order a Covenant of Menoth to add some more of the support that Menoth is famous for.  Hopefully then I can get up to 2-4, and from there it only gets better.  To victory!