About time!

So.  I’ve finally made my move to the DC metro area.  In point of fact, I did that at the beginning of December, but that ended up being two weeks here and two and a half weeks back at home, so I’m only now settling down.  I managed to find two gaming stores in the area, Dream Wizards in Rockville and Family Game Store in Savage, and I am very happy with the gamers at both stores.  I even got in a game of Warmachine last night, and pulled off a win!  There’s a lot of stuff to cover since my last post, so I’ll start with the battle report from last night and go from there.

So last night was a simple pick-up 15-point game against Cygnar.  He brought Lieutenant Stryker, Ol’ Rowdy, and two Lancers to round out the list.  I decided to run High Exemplar Kreoss, and figured I’d throw the kitchen sink at him.  That meant a Crusader, a Repenter, a minimum Choir of Menoth, a minimum unit of Exemplar Errants, and a unit of Daughters of the Flame.  The most significant terrain pieces were a forest about six inches from his deployment zone and a set of ruins about the same spot on my side.  The very first thing he did was make sure Stryker was base-to-base with Ol’ Rowdy, and after I read the card I groaned as I realized why: No knockdown.  There goes the normal Kreoss pop ‘n’ drop.  Anyway, the Errants tied up one Lancer off to my left, the Daughters tried and failed an assassination run to my right, and the Repenter went straight after the other Lancer.  That Lancer managed to knock out the Repenter’s cortex, but my valiant flame-throwing friend managed to survive another two turns and dish out his share of pain.  Between him and the Crusader I managed to take out that blasted polarity shield with only one point of cortex damage done to the Crusader, and then it was off to the races.  The Errants never did finish off the first Lancer, but two managed to get away and get line of sight to Stryker.  He got tired of taking one- and two-damage hits to his ‘caster while I held Kreoss well back, so he tried to trample Ol’ Rowdy over a couple of Choir boys and return the favor.  Sadly (for him), I had one acolyte just in front of Kreoss so the trample ended well out of range for any more fun on his part, and more importantly Stryker wasn’t in B2B with Ol’ Rowdy!  I know what you’re thinking: “Go for the assassination!  Pop ‘n’ drop!” and I was too.  Right up until it actually came time for my turn.  Then I went for the assassination — two Cleansing Fire shots at Stryker, two melee attacks from the Crusader, two shots from the Errants, and even a charge-stab from the last remaining Daughter… But no feat!  I completely forgot to knock him down before I did anything.  Anyway, Stryker weathered the spells but fell to the Crusader’s fists, giving me my second win of my career.

So that’s the battle report.  I’ve also managed to grow my collection through gifts and purchases, but I’ve made no progress to speak of in terms of painting.  Since my last post I’ve added:

  • Thyra, Flame of Sorrow
  • Exemplar Errant Officer & Standard Bearer
  • Vigilant
  • Daughters of the Flame (Second unit for that theme list of Thyra’s)
  • Heavy Warjack Kit (Crusader/Vanquisher/Templar)
  • Blood of Martyrs upgrade kit

At this point I’ve got a decision to make.  Do I use the heavy kit to make Blood of Martyrs, or do I try to magnetize it?  I’ve never magnetized a model before, but I’m reasonably confident that I can learn quickly.  My only real concern is the banners for BoM — that and losing the heads, of course.  I’ll keep you updated.

Next up I went and ordered a Battle Foam Privateer Press bag with the standard loadout of foam.  That’s turned into a comedy of errors.  Apparently UPS tried to deliver the bag while I was back in Michigan for the holidays, and instead of leaving it at the apartment office like I had expected they would, they decided I had refused the package and shipped it back to Arizona.  That was about a week ago, and it’s finally arrived back there today.  Thankfully Battle Foam’s customer service is on the ball, and they answered my e-mail explaining the situation the same day I sent it.  So hopefully I’ll be the new owner of a Battle Foam bag in a little more than a week.  Then again, at this rate I might shell out for priority mail…

So that’s the Warmachine updates.  On to video games!  My Xbox and I have had a joyous reunion, completing the campaign for Halo: Reach and playing through Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Edition.  I never actually played the original Halo, but I loved the core idea and read all of the books while watching over other people’s shoulders.  So playing the game today I get to different areas and say, “Oh hey, that’s how this scene actually looks.  Cool!”  I especially like the fact that the developers included the option of rendering the game with the original engine or the Reach engine, so you can see exactly how far video game graphics have come in ten years.

Ten years.  Wow I feel old.

There’s also been a lot of Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II.  Origins plays about how it did on my laptop, so it’s not really a new experience.  DA2, on the other hand, runs so much faster than it did on my laptop that it feels like I’m playing a new game.  I’ve played through as a rogue already, and I’m working on my mage play-through (The one where I side with the Templars and become viscount, heh).  One thing I have noticed in both games is that you end up using far fewer of your spells and talents than you would if they were on a menu bar, mainly because you can only access five (if you keep Quick Heal mapped) or six (if you don’t) without having to navigate the circle menu.  Definitely worthwhile to play, and the DLC packs are fun as well.

That about does it for my first update from Maryland.  Thanks for checking in.  I’ll be back with another post in a week, after one more trouncing!