Painting Update, Warcaster Edition

I finally got around to finishing my two favorite warcasters! I am really happy with the way these guys turned out, especially with Feora’s flames. Next up is Thyra… Wow, she’s got a lot of fiddly details. Onward!

Here’s a quick shot of Feora’s flame base two steps before the end.  Basically it’s a basecoat of Morrow White, followed by washes of Yellow Ink, Heartfire, Skorne Red, and finally Thamar Black.  Way less work than I thought it would be, and much better looking to boot!

And here’s all of the Protector.  The washes on her robe got washed out a little, but I still love how she turned out.

Here’s the Grand Exemplar in all his glory.  I used some model train ballast to give his base a little more life — that stone looks weird just rising out of a flat black base.  But yeah, he looks awesome.

And here’s another view, showing off the pauldrons and banners.  I used a new kind of brush that I found to do the menofixes, essentially a plastic stick with a fine little fuzzball in place of bristles.  Now he’ll look appropriately epic as he feats and unleashes dozens of auto-hitting Exemplar weaponmaster attacks!