Games and Stuff has become my new favorite game store in the DC area for several reasons — they have a wide selection of Warmachine, Hordes, and D20 materials as well as all of the paints, tools, and dice to support those habits; their staff is personal and knowledgeable to the point where they have a dedicated “Queen of the Little Men” to promote miniature wargames; and most importantly there is an active and welcoming community of players.  The best evidence of this is the Domination event being hosted next weekend (12 February) and the Journeyman league beginning the next day and continuing through to another tournament on 25 March.  As you can see, it’s a busy schedule, but the store had committed to welcoming the gamers with prize support and venue space, including a brand-new set of 4’x8′ gaming tables and a wide selection of terrain (Much of it made by local Press Gangers and gamers, but still).

I’ll be participating in the Domination event with my Protectorate army, so while I can still play I won’t be competing for any of the faction coins.  But I have a confession to make: I’ve been blighted.  I will be taking part in the Journeyman league, growing my Legion of Everblight army week by week.  Here’s the progression I’ve decided on (Models marked with asterisks have yet to be purchased):

Week 1: Battle group box set only

  • Lylyth, Herald of Everblight
  • >> Carnivean
  • >> Shredder x4

Week 2: 15 points, battle group box set contents required

  • Add Harrier*

Week 3: 25 points, battle group box set contents required

  • Add Nephilim Soldier
  • Add Blighted Nyss Archers (min)

Week 4: 25 points, battle group box set contents required, warlock swap allowed

  • Swap Vayl, Consul of Everblight

Week 5: 35 points, battle group box set contents required, original or swapped warlock allowed

  • Add Raek*
  • Add Blighted Nyss Archers x4*
  • Add Blighted Nyss Archers Officer & Ammo Porter*
  • Add Blighted Nyss Shepherd*

Week 6: 35 points, no restrictions

We’ll see how these lists hold up, especially considering I’ve only ever played against Hordes armies.  I suspect I’ll end up wanting another heavy warbeast or two, probably a Scythean and/or Ravagore, before the league is over.  Obviously I’ll be going for hobby points as well, so look out for painting updates aplenty.  For the glory of Meno– I mean, of Everblight!