Today was the Hordes: Domination release event at Games & Stuff and of course I had to have a go.  I thought it would be a 50 point event, so I didn’t have enough of my Legion assembled to play that and brought my Menoth instead.  And that was a wonderful decision.  The event ended up being 35 points, so I got in four full games and most of a fifth in the five and a half hours I was there.  I didn’t win any coins, obviously, but I feel like I made a good showing.  Here’s the highlights:

Game 1: Protectorate (Thyra) vs. Circle (Kromac)

My only loss on the day, this was a fairly straight-forward game.  My list was infantry-heavy, and he brought three heavies to my one.  He pulled off an easy caster kill after a few turns.

Result: Circle wins by assassination

Game 2: Protectorate (eFeora) vs. Legion (eThagrosh)

I mentioned that I was playing Legion in the Journeyman League starting tomorrow, and my opponent graciously offered to play any warlock I’d like to see save Lylyth.  Since I’m pretty sure I want to bring eThagrosh once the fourth week rolls around, I asked him for that.  He brought Typhon, a Scythean, and a couple of Shredders along with a full unit of Legionnaires and two solos I didn’t recognize.  The highlight here was a lucky feat turn for me turning into an assassination run that came just short of killing Thagrosh… until he burnt to a crisp on his control phase the next turn.  Blighted or not, heretics still burn.

Result: Protectorate wins by assassination

Game 3: Protectorate (Thyra) vs. Trollbloods (pDoomshaper)

I wasn’t getting any benefit from bringing different casters, so I decided to give Thyra a chance at redemption.  He brought a beast-only army, which when compared with my list of Blood of Martyrs, a Revenger, a Redeemer, two units of Daughters, Nicia, and support seemed to be destined for face smashing.  However, I managed a lucky series of charges from both units that tied up all but one of his beasts and even dinged Hoarluk for a couple of points.  He popped feat, which put me in a bit of a bind, but I mustered my strength and went for the assassination anyway.  Nicia and two Daughters were up in Hoarluk’s face, so I ran the Revenger up behind them and arced Silence of Death onto Nicia.  I probably should’ve cast Carnage as well, but I was worried about facing an additional 3d6 damage for really not much gain.  Anyway, Daughters went, did their stabs, and finally Nicia took her two swipes to finish him off.  Two wins in a row… I was on to something!

Result: Protectorate wins by assassination

Game 4: Protectorate (eKreoss) vs. Circle (Kromac)

Same opponent as game one, so we decided to each mix it up a bit.  He went for the battlegroup-only point for the event, and I decided to bring Exemplar infantry spam.  Fire of Salvation and a Crusader, with the appropriate support block, rounded out the list.  I stepped on my own toes more than once here, with so many models trying to fit between the mountain walls for the scenario.  This worked to my advantage; he managed to bring Fire of Salvation down to two boxes but wasn’t able to get at my Crusader behind him, so when my turn came around I fixed up Fire with a Vassal Mechanik, got him functional again, and then decided to beat face with an untouched Crusader.  He managed to get one scenario point, and had a Gnarlhorn Satyr across the line for his second at the end of my turn.  I could not allow this to happen, so I brought in a charging unit of Knights Exemplar — four charging Weapon Masters with open lanes — and brought the Crusader over to beat some more face.  With his beasts finished off, I turned my attention to Kromac himself.  I forgot to mention that Kromac had managed to knock himself down attacking a second unit of Exemplars (Sacrosanct is a fun spell to have in your back pocket), so when that unit and Fire of Salvation came to town it was a second turn of auto-hitting melee attacks from more Weapon Masters.  Another assassination win, and one of my first with Kreoss.

Result: Protectorate win by assassination

Game 5: Protectorate (eFeora) vs. Skorne (Dominar Rasheth)

Jabba came to town in my last game of the evening.  I’ve played this particular opponent before and knew to expect heavy armor, so I didn’t try bringing Thyra or Kreoss.  I figured I’d go for a scenario win this time around, add another point to my sheet.  He figured he’d add five points, what with this being his fifth warlock, an all-battlegroup list, his fifth opponent, and his fifth opposing faction.  Anyway, I brought the Avatar, a Crusader, and a bonded Redeemer to try to counter his heavies, with lots of support to try to pump them up even more.  Our front lines met just on his side of the center line, so I got my first point right away.  I ran my Redeemer up and way off to the left inside his half, hopefully out of range of his army to score that second point while the Avatar and Crusader held the line.  This was going to be tough; he was the only opponent so far to remember that the boulders could be slammed and was doing so to great effect.  I was all set for a nail-biting wait for him to put his dice down and call it a game, when all of a sudden the TO announced that the store was closing and we had to end our games.  We called it a draw and agreed to a rematch later.  Personally I think I could have withstood his attempts to barrel across the center line and counter my Redeemer’s point, but it would have been a close win either way.

Result: Draw

As a whole the event was a great success, with the money raised from entry fees going to buy digital chess clocks for the store.  I did well for myself, earning myself three wins and a draw to only one loss.  Four points for games played, three for new opponents, three points for new factions, and three for wins; add in the point for an assassination victory and the point for ending a game with no opposing models in my half and I ended with 14 points for the event.  (The winner had 30 points compared to 29 for second place)

In the end all that matters is that I had a ton of fun and I can’t wait to get going with the Journeyman League this Tuesday.  I’d like to thank especially Michael Pokorny of Bad Dad Gaming (and this awesome Storm Strider mod) for helping me get my Carnivean pinned and ready to play.  Onward!


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  1. Sounds like it was a lot of fun! I actually made it to the store for a bit of shopping, but didn’t have the time to go upstairs and play 😦

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