Retraction: Dominator

I have a retraction and an apology to make.  In my last post, talking about my fourth game, I mentioned that I had knocked Kromac down with Sacrosanct, and then proceeded to make my assassination attacks.  In short, I could not have done that.  The text of Sacrosanct is as follows, emphasis added:

Target a friendly Faction model/unit.  When an enemy non-warcaster, non-warlock warrior model destroys one or more affected models with an attack, immediately after the attack is resolved the attacking model is knocked down.

Not only was Kromac not affected by that spell, but you might remember that my opponent did not have any models in his army that could have been affected by Sacrosanct.  This mistake was due entirely to my misunderstanding of my own model’s spell list, and it cost my opponent the game.  I apologize for my error.

So what would have happened had I not misapplied the spell?  Well, Kromac had three Exemplar Errants and two Knights Exemplar in melee range of him, with a second row of three Knights packed in tightly behind them, and Fire of Salvation also in melee range of Kromac off to my right.  Then there was about three to four inches of open space, and Kreoss camping on four focus.  By this point he had one beast he could transfer damage to, the Gnarlhorn Satyr, who was also involved in that melee off to the right of Fire of Salvation.  Now, the knockdown ended Kromac’s activation, but he otherwise had enough fury that he could easily have finished off the Errants and at least two of the Exemplars.  He also has Leap, which I understand to mean that he could have simply moved into melee range with Kreoss and started swinging away.  So let’s follow those two scenarios through to their conclusion, if he takes out the infantry swarm first and if he leaps for the assassination.

First, the infantry-clearing option.  He could have taken the Errants out no problem, possibly without spending fury to boost.  The Exemplars behind them pose a little more of a problem, but he was sitting on full fury and could almost certainly have broken out with at least one or two fury left.  The Satyr had ended its activation, so it was going to take some lumps from Fire of Salvation no matter what, but with Kromac still alive and threatening Kreoss I might have tried a stupid blocking move.

Next the Leap.  At this point the only difference between leaping and clearing out the Exemplars first is how much fury Kromac has left.   Kreoss is still sitting on four focus, and isn’t a slouch defensively either at 14/16, effectively 14/20.  I don’t have Kromac’s stats, so this is conjecture, but I suspect Kreoss would have survived the attacks made after clearing out infantry simply because there would be fewer of them to begin with and fewer of them would have been boosted.  If Kromac had leaped, on the other hand… I’d call that a coin toss as to who survives the next two turns.

In the end, my opponent still won the coin for Circle and wasn’t in contention for the Champion coin, and the win would have only given him one more point for the event.  Still, I’m sorry I won by unfair means, and will take this as a lesson for the future: know your own d*** cards.