Journeyman Part 1

First, let me begin by saying I have the best girlfriend in the world.  Why am I making such an outlandish claim?  Aside from being in love, she enjoys gaming as much as I do and agreed to get in our first few games for Games and Stuff’s Journeyman League, on Valentine’s Day no less.  Beat that.  I got in two games, and not to spoil your fun but I got trounced in both of them.  Such is life, especially when one is beginning a new faction.  So here’s the highlights:

Game 1: Legion (pLylyth) vs. Circle (Kromac)

My first game ever playing Hordes went about as one would expect: fits and starts, mistakes galore, and two Shredders going into frenzy on turn two.  His wolves tied up the Shredders and flanked the Carnivean, leaving Kromac to leap in and smash Lylyth to bits.  Short, sweet, and to the point.

Result: Circle win by assassination.

Game 2: Legion (pLylyth) vs. Trollbloods (Grim Angus)

This one went slightly better.  I went second and held back a little, trying to draw him into a position where I could get off the alpha strike.  We had the advantage of a few walls blocking straight charge lanes, which forced two of my Shredders to run wide in order to get at his Axer.  Lylyth dinged his Mauler for a few points, and the Carnivean assaulted to get him down to two boxes, but that was the end of my luck.  He gave the Mauler Pathfinder (I forget the name of the spell) with Rush, and the Mauler hopped the wall and charged Lylyth for the kill.  Again, a pretty straightforward loss.  I did better with fury management, and I think my first turn was about as effective as I could be.  About the only thing I think I could’ve done differently was run one or two Shredders to block charge lanes.  Considering two more points would’ve killed the Mauler and left his warlock in a much weaker position for turn three, I think this went much better.

Result: Trollbloods win by assassination.

From what I saw tonight — hardly a representative sample, given that it was Valentine’s Day — this league looks like it’s going to be Hordes heavy, so it’s going to be a steep learning curve for both Sarah and I.  Speaking of Sarah, she only managed to get one game in with her Cygnar against a different Circle list (This Journeyman allows alternate battle boxes, totaling eleven points plus warjack or warbeast points).  She’ll be writing the next post with her introduction and battle report.  Stay tuned!


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