Journeyman, Part 2: End of Week 1

Secure from week one!  To recap what’s happened since Tuesday’s update:  I managed to get my paint scheme sorted out and my Shredders painted, with a modest start on the Carnivean; today I played five games for the league; and then decided I wanted to stab something and played a 35-point game with Thyra.  First, a picture of the lovely little Shredders.

Shredders painted for Journeyman League

Aren't they so cute?

Next, the battle reports.  I won’t spoil the results, but don’t expect me to come out of this post as League Champion.

Game 1: Legion (pLylyth) vs. Minions (Calaban)

This was the game I forgot that Lylyth’s warbeasts can charge her bow targets for free, but it didn’t mater anyway.  He brought a Blackhide Wrastler and an Ironback Spitter, which ordinarily should’ve been intimidating for my list.  Nope!  Lylyth pinged the Wrastler with her bow and pegged him with Bad Blood, then three Shredders went rabid and charged him to knock out two systems and severely damage the third.  The remaining Shredder stuck with Lylyth while the Carnivean ran over to deal with Calaban.  The Spitter, somehow, managed to find himself out of position for pretty much anything.  He managed to take out one Shredder but otherwise flubbed his dice rolls, leaving me to feat and roll three trip-sixes pretty much in a row.  The Wrastler went down, my one Shredder with damage had a snack, and then the Carnivean went to town on Calaban.  Great way to start the day.

Result: Legion win by assassination

Game 2: Legion (pLylyth) vs. Skorne (Xerxis)

I have come to loathe Skorne.  The Games & Stuff meta is rife with their stupidly high armor and brutal attacks.  This game was distinguishable from any of my other losses to Skorne by the fact that my opponent brought an Archidon, which was definitely a distraction.  I messed up and split my Shredders, so instead of tying the Archidon up with four Shredders and using the Carnivean to take down his Titan (I don’t know which variant it was) I sent one Shredder after Archie, kept one with Lylyth, and sent the other two with the Carnivean to get caught and slaughtered by the Titan.  Xerxis lived up to all expectations and smashed Lylyth in the face.

Result: Skorne win by assassination

Game 3: Legion (pLylyth) vs. Skorne (pMorghul)

Morghul reminds me a lot of Thyra.  Similar threat range, Silence of Death, access to Stealth, and relocation abilities.  The field was pretty well defined by one rock formation forming a diagonal obstacle near center field.  My opponent used this to great effect, hiding Morghul behind the rock and putting his Cyclops in to block any charges.  I managed to get my Carnivean in and have a go at an assassination, but at the end of the day I was left with everything still on the board and Lylyth out in the open with no fury for transfers.  I didn’t note whether the Titan or Morghul finished her off, but can you blame me?  It hurt.

Result: Skorne win by assassination

Game 4: Legion (pLylyth) vs. Cygnar (pStryker)

I finally got in a league game against Sarah!  She had just taken a hard loss in her first game, and I had managed to lose twice in that period, so we both came to win.  That can’t possibly put a strain on the relationship, can it?   I was pleased by how far up the field I was able to engage her warjacks (just about six inches from her deployment zone), and having taken a few Charger shots to the face before I made a point of sticking a Shredder in its face to shut down that gun.  Rabid charges did  quite a nice chunk of damage to both the Ironclad and the Lancer, so I felt relatively safe sending the Carnivean after the Charger and Stryker hiding behind him.  She had terrible luck with her dice rolls, managing to take down the three Shredders with her Ironclad and Lancer, but only just.  She finished off by popping her feat, an interesting counterpoint to my subsequent popping of Lylyth’s feat.  Shredder #4 and the Carnivean took down the Charger and got Stryker down to one box, but fell just short of finishing him off.  Back to her turn, and she got an evil look in her eyes.  She had an Ironclad, a Lancer, and a clear lane at Lylyth.  Suffice to say this one hurt too.

Result: Cygnar win by assassination

Game 5: Legion (pLylyth) vs. Retribution (Vyros)

Really, I should learn.  Leave Lylyth some cover, leave her fury for a transfer, leave her something.  Like I never get tired of this, I came up just short of an assassination only to find Lylyth out in the open with no fury and two warjacks staring her in the face.  Which was amusing considering exactly how loudly my opponent had been complaining about how the Shredders’ rabid charges were “broken.”  Sadly, that was the only amusement that game.

Result: Retribution win by assassination.

League Results for Week 1: 15 play points + 4 hobby points = 19 Journeyman points

Bonus Game 6!  Protectorate (Thyra) vs. Circle (Kromac)

Remember my earlier post retracting a win from the Domination event last week?  This was the rematch.  He brought Kromac again, but I brought Thyra this time around.  I wanted to try my attempt at an assassination squad: Two units of Daughters, Nicia, pEiryss, and then Blood of Martyrs, a Vigilant, and a Revenger as a second wave.  Well, to start with “prime” is the wrong version of Eiryss to bring against Hordes since her crossbow only disrupts focus.  Second, any army which leaves large gaps between its waves, which this does, invites Kromac to do exactly what he did: Leap and smash.  Well, at least we both went away knowing how the other game should have ended.

Result: Circle win by assassination.

As a rule, I need to remember to leave Lylyth some protection: A charge blocker, fury for transfers, something.  That should get a little easier with the Forsaken I’m adding to the list next week, but it will still be interesting.  Thanks for reading, and look out for a guest post this week from Sarah!