Journeyman, Part 3: End of Week 2

This week I’m proud to present a guest post from my girlfriend, who is also playing in the Journeyman league at Games & Stuff.  Without further ado, here she is:

Today was the second weekend in the Games and Stuff Journeyman League.  It was 15 point week and my Battle Box is 11 points. This means that my Army for the day was Commander Stryker, an Ironclad, a Charger, a Lancer, Arlan Strangeways, and a Squire.

As a plain ol’ Cygnar Battle Box player, this league is kind of a challenge. Our league is allowing “custom Battle Boxes” and most people are playing custom Hordes faction boxes.  Well, this week I lost 3 games and won 2. This is a lot better than last week, I must say. Last week, the only person I beat was Spaero. This week, I won a game against Khador and a game against Trolls. Both times, I was left with only Stryker and my weaponless, burnt out Squire.

Stryker may not be enough of a specialist to be easily competitive, but he is a solid ‘Caster.  His feat and his weapons are quite a combination.  His feat can make you quite nearly “Invincible” and his weapons, when camping all of his focus, can really take it out of an enemy caster.

Now, if I’d known who I’d be facing and my own force’s strengths and weaknesses, I would have swapped out my Lancer for a more targeted warjack.  I’d give an awful lot for another Ironclad or Charger.  After all, Hordes have no cortex.  Since Lancers’ shields deal cortex damage, it is not anywhere near as effective as it might be.  Another disadvantage of Cygnar in this particular situation is that “Disruption”, a specialty of Cygnar, does nothing against Hordes.

Realistically, it’s rather depressing that my chosen faction has so much trouble.  However, I’m still really enjoying it. So far, I’m reasonably holding my own. My motto for the moment is “If you’re going to kill me, I’m going to make you work for it.”

Back to me!  This week’s games handed me four wins and six losses, not half bad considering two of those losses were against the same Skorne army I’ve come to dread.  That gives me twenty-four gameplay points this week (No hobby points for me this week) for a total of forty-three journeyman points to date, just seventeen shy of a full patch set.  I’m not planning on any awards, but I’m happy with my progress to date.  ‘Til next time!