Journeyman, Part 4: End of Week 3

This week was a short one for myself and Sarah, since we were unable to play on Tuesday and had to leave early today.  Nevertheless, I managed to get in four games for this third week, an accomplishment I have to balance against precisely no progress made whatsoever in hobby points.  I could blame it on the glue which cured in its bottle after almost a year of use, or the Angelius sculpt which should come with a pinning kit because it desperately needs it, but the reality is that I enjoy painting warjacks more than living creatures.  I find it easier to deal with the flat surfaces and straight lines, even if it’s more detailed, and since I don’t really get much enjoyment out of painting to begin with I end up making very little progress when I do sit down.  But that’s not why you’re here!  You’re here for battle reports.

Game 1: Legion (pLylyth) vs. Cygnar (pStryker)

Sarah brought the Black Thirteenth, a unit of Arcane Tempest Gun Mages, and a unit of Field Mechaniks to round out the ten points she got this week.  I picked up an Angelius and a Shepherd, since the two things I’ve been hurting for so far have been fury management and a second heavy warbeast.  The new scenario this week (Overrun, with a wide central control zone) seemed almost out of the question, and we both immediately set out for assassinations.  I kept my Shredders in the middle screening for Lylyth, with the Angelius and Shepherd wide left and the Carnivean and Forsaken wide right.  She kept her warjacks and Stryker center, with the Arcane Tempest across from the Angelius and the Black 13th across from the Carnivean.  She managed to down a Shredder and ping the Carnivean before I was in range, but my opening salvo took out half of each gunline.  She didn’t make much more progress in her next turn, so she popped Stryker’s feat defensively, covering all of her forces save the single remaining member of the Black 13th.  She had also committed the Ironclad to chasing the Angelius out wide, so instead of engaging I ran it back over to my right, leaving the Ironclad hanging out on the wrong side of the board.  Her next turn pinged Lylyth for some small amount of damage and brought the Lancer into melee range with the Angelius.  On my next turn, Lylyth shot Stryker twice and slapped Parasite on him, the Angelius popped his animus to be free of the Lancer, and it was good night, Gracie.  Armor piercing, Reach POW 14 is my new favorite weapon.

Result: Legion win by Assassination

Game 2: Legion (pLylyth) vs. Cygnar (Kara Sloan)

The newest player in the league also brought Cygnar!  For bringing a list even more oriented to artillery than Sarah’s, Adam got the benefit of being engaged well into his half of the board.  He’s very new to the game, so my victory was due more to his mistakes than any brilliance on my part.  He left Kara open to a couple of charges while protecting his Arcane Tempest, so while I counted the win I made sure to give him whatever pointers I could before I left.

Result: Legion win by Assassination

Game 3: Legion (pLylyth) vs. Skorne (Xerxis)

Battle of the flying beasts!  Just when I thought I had my second heavy warbeast and an answer to Philip’s heavy-armor Skorne, he brought a second Titan to back up his Archidon.  In my dismay at seeing even more impenetrable beast flesh I made the mistake of thinking I could just deploy wide and hope for a scenario win, of which there was not a chance.  He drove a wedge between my beasts and Lylyth, leaving her open for a trample by one Titan and then his favorite tactic: Run the Archidon up just shy of Lylyth, then charge the Archidon’s back arc with Xerxis and slam the beast into Lylyth.  I believe he called it “bowling for warlocks” and it fit.

Result: Skorne win by Assassination

Game 4: Legion (pLylyth) vs. Retribution (Ravyn)

I have to start by saying that Jeremy has always been a great sport.  Despite being a far more experienced player than I, he has always had terrible luck with his dice when facing me, and as a result I’ve beaten rather convincingly him with several different armies.  I don’t like boasting, and I really wish our games were more evenly split, but I appreciate that he keeps coming back and I know that luck is going to swing his way sooner or later.  The Angelius and Carnivean were the stars here, absolutely trashing a Phoenix and a Gorgon.  His unit of Invictors struggled to get clear of my screening Shredders, and the few who got shots off at Lylyth failed those, but his unit of Stormfall Archers did managed to kill off the Angelius before it could charge Ravyn.  That left my Shepherd free, so off she went on a charge that failed, followed by a rather ineffective Forsaken bomb.  It fell to Lylyth and her trusty Carnivean to finish Ravyn off, which they quite happily did.

Result: Legion win by Assassination

So, lessons learned: The Angelius is awesome, even if Armor Piercing only applies to its first attack.  Against infantry of any kind it’s an absolute wrecking ball, and it can take out most light warjacks without much help.  It’s great on an assassination run too, if it survives that long. The Carnivean can earn its points back and then some, if it gets the right screening support and fury management, especially when it gets the four initial attacks from an assault.  About the only thing I could wish for with the Carnivean is Continuous Fire on its spray, maybe trade that for the POW 14.  The Shredders… Well, they’re the Shredders.  I’m finally getting comfortable with Lylyth and her tricks, though I realize I’ve still got a lot of ground to cover with her armies.  When deploying, I have to remember that just because the Shepherd lets me to deploy wide doesn’t mean I should, and that a compact deployment doesn’t mean I have to brick my way up the field.

What’s up for next week?  Well, I have the option of a warlock swap, and I will probably try epic Thagrosh at least once for his love of all things Shredder.  I’m also probably going to switch in a Ravagore for the Angelius/Shepherd combo, which will put me at a disadvantage for fury management but (I hope) give me a little more firepower when it comes time to throw down.  Looking past week four to week five, I had originally planned to take a full unit of Blighted Nyss Archers with UA, but now I’m seriously considering a beast swarm with Carnivean, Ravagore, Angelius, and four Shredders, backed up by a Forsaken and a Shepherd.  I don’t know for sure whether Lylyth could handle that fury management — there’s a lot being tossed around the table even with one fewer beast — but I’m interested to see whether Thagrosh could.  But that’s for time to tell.  Until next time, thanks for reading!