Journeyman, Part 5: End of Week 4

Caster swap.  Those two words were what kept me going when my four Shredders seemed a hopeless anchor around my figurative neck.    The promise of Thagrosh coming and saving me from the clutches of Lylyth’s low Fury was the promise of my salvation.  Now the glorious Week Four has arrived and… well, it wasn’t quite what I expected.  Thagrosh did handle the Shredders much better, but my lack of experience with his spell list did not serve him well.

Game 1: Legion (eThagrosh) vs. Mercenaries (eMagnus)

This game was a wash in pretty much every respect.  The Carnivean and Ravagore both died before their time, and the Shredders proved utterly inept.  Thagrosh was left fury-starved and alone.  Ethrunbal wept.

Result: Mercenaries win by assassination

Game 2: Legion (eThagrosh) vs. Circle (Kromac)

This game went slightly better, but not much.  Mike of Bad Dad Gaming brought his secret weapon, his baby son.  Maybe my Shredders were distracted by the cuteness.  Maybe the Ravagore wanted to eat tender baby flesh rather than tough druids.  However it happened, my beasts were unable to counteract a flanking maneuver by Tharn Ravagers on the one side and Tharn Bloodtrackers with Nuala on the other.  I made one mistake in accepting three free strikes on Thagrosh that I couldn’t transfer away in an attempt to get to Kromac; that ended about as well as one can guess (dead Thagrosh).  Mike wasn’t in a rush for another game, so we rewound to before I made that mistake and tried again.  I managed to clear the Ravagers off of Thagrosh, but still couldn’t get to Kromac before the Bloodtrackers finished me off.

Result: Circle win by assassination (confirmed by replay)

Game 3: Legion (eThagrosh) vs. Skorne (Xerxis)

So, we meet again.  My opponent decided to bring his oh-so-familiar Skorne Titan list with a side of Archidon, but this time I had my answer.  No countering Angelius for me, I brought beat-sticks all around in a Carnivean and a Ravagore to lead my Thagrosh into battle.  The Carnivean died to an Archidon charge early on, and things were looking bleak when my Ravagore frenzied about a foot away from a useful position.  Then I realized something: Xerxis was eight inches away from my fully loaded Thagrosh with only two fury for transfers.  Sure, there was a Titan in my way, but I didn’t care about that with a fully healthy and completely useless Ravagore to transfer to.  Step one: Fly up into Xerxis’ face.  Step two: Transfer ensuing free strike to Ravagore.  Step three: Apply beat-stick to Xerxis’ face.  Step four: Profit.  My losing streak against Skorne is finally broken.

Result: Legion win by assassination

Game 4: Legion (eThagrosh) vs. Retribution (Ravyn)

Jeremy came back for another swing this time, sure he had the perfect answer to my army.  Epic Eiryss and a Mage Hunter Assassin waited to disrupt and otherwise hinder my plans, but I was having none of it.  Eiryss did manage to take two upkeeps off of a Ravagore and ding him for a few damage, but I sent in a Shredder who snacked on Eiryss before she could do any more damage.  The Assassin tried to come after Thagrosh from the other direction, and that fourteen-inch threat range is impressive, but his dice decided to go on vacation and he rolled snake eyes.  Thagrosh, realizing that the Assassin only had a four-inch melee range during her activation, was free to step up and send a Manifest-Destinied and feat-empowered Shredder to snack on Ravyn.

Result: Legion win by assassination

So the Messiah only broke even for me.  Next week is either 25 or 35 points, depending on your preference, and either the original or swapped caster is allowed.  I am sorely tempted to see a three-heavy-beast list with Thagrosh, but if I decide to stay at 25 points I think I will continue with the Lylyth list I used last week.  By the way, I’m now up to 64 Journeyman points, and though I don’t think that’s enough for any awards, I’m more than happy to have all three rank patches.

There’s still two weeks left in the League, but I’m already looking forward to the week after.  I’m coming to the realization that Legion just isn’t my cup of tea; it’s fun in small doses, but I’ve overdosed with league play.  I’m itching to get back to Menoth and try out the toys I’ve built up in the break: A Hierophant (situational, but useful in those situations), a Dervish (Thyra’s already excited), and a second heavy warjack kit (which will take a few weeks before I can get it and the first kit magnetized).  In the meantime I’m focusing my painting efforts on getting my warjacks and remaining warcasters (Thyra and my second pKreoss, who will get my new scheme) into uniform.  Onward to victory!