Journeyman, Part 7: End of Week 6 and League

The end is well past by now, and we’re just stuck here in the lurch.  And I’m actually enjoying it!  The Journeyman League at Games & Stuff ended a week and a half ago, and I must apologize for my tardiness in posting the results.  Paul, one of our two friendly neighborhood Press Gangers, organized a Steamroller tournament to cap off the last week of the league, so I wrote up my 35-point lists and had a go.  I tried epic Vayl and prime Lylyth, with remarkably similar beast-heavy lists (Vayl brought a minimum unit of Archers while Lylyth brought a full list and unit attachment).  I won’t go into the battle reports, but I lost my first two games and beat Sarah to win my third.  In the end I had less than half of the hobby or gameplay points that the patch-winners had earned, but I got my central patch and chevrons and I was happy.  And then I got back to the real business of burning heretics.

This last weekend I tried out two new Protectorate lists, 50-point armies for eFeora and eKreoss.  They played very differently, and though I don’t have the details of the battles (Again, sorry for the delay in posting), I do have lessons learned:


This list was the definition of a Kreoss list: Tier 4, wave upon wave of Exemplar infantry.  I set up the terrain for this game, but I failed to consider the army I was bringing and effectively limited the field of combat to two narrow lanes divided by a wide pond.  The effect of this placement was to put me in my own way, with the leading units of Knights Exemplar setting the (rather slow) pace for the rest of the army behind them.  This also left Kreoss behind a far thinner screen than normal, banking on the safety of the pond.  Then my opponent taught me the danger of Narn, Mage Hunter of Ios by smashing Kreoss’ face in.  So I learned the strengths of this list — my feat turn was absolutely devastating — but I also learned its weaknesses, namely the huge number of models to maneuver and the lack of special rules similar to those that kept being tossed at me.  That said, I still love this list, and I will almost certainly be taking it into the Escalation Tournament at Games & Stuff on April 22.


This was a rather warjack-heavy list compared to the Kreoss list — Avatar, Fire of Salvation, and a Crusader, followed by Feora’s favorite bonded Redeemer — and had vastly more support than its predecessor.  It was also incredibly successful at drawing out an attrition game even over a similarly divided field, slowly burning Deneghra’s Cryx army down until she was left on her own staring down a fully functional Fire of Salvation and Crusader backed up by the full weight of the Redeemer’s Skyhammer rockets.  My opponent conceded due to time, but I’m relatively confident the list would have been able to finish off the undead warcaster.  This is another list I’m excited to take into the tournament; the only challenge I can foresee is cutting it down from the 50 points I played at to the 25 and 35 points for the first two rounds.