Return to Immoren

Today I got in a day at Dropzone Games in Glen Burnie, MD. It’s been quite literally months since I played Warmachine, so it was good to roll some dice again. I played three games with three different armies, and had correspondingly different experiences.

The first game I played against a Legion army with Rhyas, Raptors, and Grotesques. I fielded Grand Exemplar Kreoss, two units of Knights Exemplar, and a full unit of Exemplar Errants with all the bells and whistles. I played passably, but my positioning was pretty much terrible and I ended up leaving myself wide open for a Rhyas assassination run. Game one was a loss.

I switched it up and brought a Retribution army with Kaelyssa and both flavors of Mage Hunters. My opponent brought a Convergence army with Aurora at the head. I’m afraid I’m not familiar enough with the new faction to say what else he had, but it was very infantry heavy. I spent most of this game getting my face smashed in, and when Aurora came barrelling in with full focus I thought it was bye bye Kaelyssa. Amazingly, when the dust settled the angry elf lady had one box left, and proceeded to correct Aurora’s miscalculation. Game two was a rather edifying victory.

Game three was almost the mirror image of game two. I brought out Feora, Protector of the Flame, and stocked my army with as much fire as I could muster. Amazingly, my opponent brought farrow with Carver at the helm. I love toasting bacon with Feora. Anyway, my feat turn wiped out almost all of his army except for two heavy ‘hogs and the boss. That turns out to be a dangerous position for Feora to be in, so my next turn I started a rather desperate assassination run that required me to two-handed throw one hog, Fire Step around another, and ended with shock and disbelief when I re-read the text of Escort and realized that no, Feora does not get the extra two inches of movement that her ‘jacks get. That left me just short of being able to hit Carver, who — with one box remaining and on fire — shot Feora in the face. Game three, sadly, was a loss.

Three games, three lessons learned (I think). Dropzone will be hosting a Journeyman League starting on 24 January, and I’ve decided to pick up the Highborn Covenant. This league has a house rule that players can start with a custom eleven-point battle group, so I’ll be starting off with Ashlynne d’Elyse, a Mule, a Talon, and a Vanguard. I love the flavor of the Llaelese Resistance, so expect some Amethyst Rose gun mages in my future posts. Cheers!