On Winning Subtly

Today was the somewhat delayed Convergence of Cyriss book release event at Dropzone Games. If you haven’t played in one of these events, it’s a free play format event with specific objectives players can complete in each game to earn “Cipher Points.” These events range from the obvious — playing a game and winning a game each earn one point, for example — to the scenario-specific, such as channeling five spells through the arc node/objective.

Scenario for the Convergence of Cyriss release event

Scenario for the Convergence of Cyriss release event

The scenario divided the table into nine equal zones. The players placed one terrain piece in each of eight zones, and the objective — a huge-based arc node with ARM 25 and 20 boxes — was placed in the center of the ninth zone. Armies were 25 points and could only contain a warcaster or warlock and warjacks or warbeasts. Thankfully, it was not battle group only, which allowed me to take the 11-point sink that is the Avatar of Menoth. The list of Cipher point objectives included the aforementioned playing and winning objectives, each of which could be earned as many times as one wished, but also the following, which could be earned once each:

  1. Play with a fully painted army
  2. Play against five or more different opponents
  3. Play with three different warcasters throughout the event
  4. Destroy the Power Node (the arc node objective)
  5. Channel five spells through the Power Node in a single game
  6. Play with or against a Convergence of Cyriss army
  7. Create your own 120mm Power Node
  8. Create your own forest, hill, shallow water, or linear obstacle terrain (This could be earned up to four times)
  9. Destroy three or more enemy heavy warjacks in a single turn
  10. Use all your faction’s upgrades throughout the course of the event
  11. Cause collateral damage to three or more models with a single power attack

There was only one player with a Convergence army, so he was in high demand as an opponent. I played six games, cycled through each of my warcasters, and managed to check off all of the Cipher Point objectives except for #7, #8, #9, and #11. I had to borrow one of the other player’s Crusader and Revenger to actually have 25 painted points, but that ended up not affecting the outcome overly much. I never actually won a game, but I did manage to win the Forge Master coin for having the most Cipher Points of any non-Convergence player! I definitely learned the value of persistence and focusing on the objectives in this event. My lists were uninspired, and my play veered between forgetful and frightful, but by remembering that I could make progress without necessarily winning, I managed to keep my head in the game and gradually took the steps I needed to achieve ultimate victory.