Fighting Llael, Week One

Hello, and welcome once again to the Journeyman League bulk battle reports, this time brought to you from sunny Merywyn (also known as Dropzone Games)! My work schedule has really hindered my ability to get into the store and play, but I managed to sneak in some time on Monday and play three games. For this week, my list was Ashlynn d’Elyse, a Mule, a Talon, and a Vanguard.

Game One: This being my first time ever playing Mercenaries in general and Ashlynn in particular, I had low expectations going in. Jesse brought a Trollbloods list with Captain Gunnbjorn, a Dire Troll Bomber, and a Night Troll. I didn’t get a picture, but he’s got this great paint scheme going on where the lowlights are cartoonishly outlined, with a final effect that looks a lot like the Borderlands series. Now, to business. I went first and sprinted up toward my objective, while Jesse walked his trolls straight toward the zone, keeping a wall in front of his beasts the whole way. I blew my feat on my second turn, which ended up being a waste with only one shot even getting in range. Gunnbjorn won this one, assassinating Ashlynn rather definitively on turn three.

Game Two: My opponent this time brought Lord Arcanist Ossyan, a Phoenix, and a Sphinx. I had a forest on my right side roughly opposite my objective, so I decided to play some shenanigans and sent the Mule straight up the middle while the rest went around to the right and tried to get some hits in on his objective. As it turns out, a single Phoenix is almost a match for Ashlynn and two light warjacks, and I was down to five boxes between the three of them before I wrecked that myrmidon. Meanwhile the Mule got jammed by the Sphinx in the middle of the zone, which I thought had shut me down before Ossyan moved just far enough forward that I could wrap the Mule around the Sphinx and engage both the warcaster and the myrmidon. The Mule’s cortex was already gone, or it would probably have been game over; as it was, Ossyan took eight points of damage and then escaped to assassinate Ashlynn for the win.

Game Three: I played Jesse again this game, a little more confident with how to handle Ashlynn and her group. The first turn went about the same as in our first game, with me going for the speed boost on the side and him walking straight up behind a wall. The second turn is where it all changed. This time I decided to go for the scenario win, trying to jam him out of the zone and get some points on the board. I had to kill the Night Troll, but a few lucky rolls on the feat turn and my opponent’s cautious play let me dominate and get the five control points to win.

At this point I’m pretty much done for Week One (technically it ends Friday, but I can’t get any games in before then), so my total stands at five gameplay points and no hobby points, though Ashlynn is almost done.  Until next week, good hunting!