This is a gaming blog, pure and simple.  My primary focus with this will be posting battle reports and lessons learned as I pick up Warmachine, but I will also include posts about any Blood Bowl games I manage to play, Dungeons & Dragons, and any video games I pick up.

My core gaming philosophy is that it’s a game.  If it stops being fun, I’m doing it wrong, whether I’m behind the DM screen or setting out my opening lineup.  I’m not a rules lawyer, nor a twink, nor a deep role-player.  I am a social gamer, so you might see me focus more on the people I’m playing with than on the game.  That said, I recognize most of you aren’t coming here for that, so I’ll try to keep myself in line.  Thanks for reading, I hope you’ll keep coming back for more.  Happy gaming!

All game titles, unit names, and rules descriptions are the intellectual property of their respective creators, and no ownership is implied by their use in this blog.  For full copyright information, visit the website of the respective game creator.  The font used in the header image is Abaddon by The Scriptorium, found on dafont.com.  No ownership is implied by the use of this font.


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